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Alma Wade ist eine wichtige Antagonistin und Schlüsselfigur in der F.E.A.R. Serie von Ego-Shooter-Horror-Videospielen von Monolith Productions, eingeführt in F.E.A.R. Die Handlung der Serie dreht sich um das Geheimnis von Alma. Alma Wade ist das kleine mysteriöse Mädchen in F.E.A.R.. Sie ist neben dem Pointman eine der. Alma wurde, als sie acht Jahre alt war, von ihrem Vater (Harlan Wade, der ein ranghohes Mitglied bei. Alma Wade. 33 likes. Dies ist eine Fanseite für Alma:) Wer F.E.A.R. kennt, kennt zwangsläufig auch die kleine, leibenswerte Alma. Das hier ist für alle. Alma Wade Alma Wade, Einfache Zeichnungen, Science Fiction, Kunstprojekte Für Jugendliche, Gruselige. Gemerkt von

Alma Wade

Alma Wade v2 | FEAR by on @deviantART. Moment schoss die Schlange vorwärts und schlug ihre Zähne in Almas Wade. Alma schrie auf, und Ivy, die nicht wusste, was sie sonst tun sollte, zückte den. Alma Wade. 33 likes. Dies ist eine Fanseite für Alma:) Wer F.E.A.R. kennt, kennt zwangsläufig auch die kleine, leibenswerte Alma. Das hier ist für alle. Alma invoking the first Synchronicity Event with Fettel. Extraction Point Https:// Mandate F. A scene link the demo in which Alma approaches Becket. Alma Wade learn more here the key figure and main antagonist of the F. She is then seen leading him deeper into the Harbinger Facilityoccasionally pausing to make certain he is following . Sie beginnt, Harold Keegans Geist zu übernehmen und zwang ihm ihr zu folgen. Projekt Perseus beschäftigte sich damit, starke Soldaten zu erschaffen, die leicht durch die Kommandanten des Projekt Origin think, Kinofilme App Android bad kontrollieren und bei Verlust auch schnell und billig zu ersetzen sind. Wenn ihnen Ihre Leftovers lieb sind, dann halten Sie sich besser von F. Zu Anfang click here zum letzten Drittel erscheint Alma als etwa achtjähriges Mädchen. Aus dem Almaverse kommen eine Reihe von Monstern, die von Almas gequälter Psyche erschaffen wurden, darunter die Scavengers Alma Wade, Monster, die aus Almas Erinnerungen aus ihrer Zeit im Vault erschaffen wurden. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto?

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F.E.A.R. 2 Ending & Final Cutscenes [HD] Leben Leben · Monster · Horror · Spiel · Abbildungen. Alma Wade <3 Wand, Alma Wade, Unheimlich, Gruselig, Leben Leben,. Gemerkt von Uploaded by user​. Alma Wade v2 | FEAR by on @deviantART. Moment schoss die Schlange vorwärts und schlug ihre Zähne in Almas Wade. Alma schrie auf, und Ivy, die nicht wusste, was sie sonst tun sollte, zückte den. Alma Wade, F.E.A.R. I'll be forever in love with that character, no matter how ridiculous Project Origin's ending was. Please bear with me, while I uplo Inferno​. Es gelingt den Wissenschaftlern Nachfahren von Alma zu erzeugen. Es sollen dafür auch Zellen des eigenen Vaters genutzt worden sein. Bild 4 von

Alma Wade Video

F.E.A.R. - Alma Wade vs.

Soon after, Alma and Fettel learn the location of the Origin facility, and they depart from ATC's headquarters to find it.

Along the way, Fettel is able to kidnap Alma's sister, Alice Wade , and kills her while Alma watches. Genevieve Aristide muses in the field guide that Alma was likely jealous of Alice due to the preferential treatment she received from their father, and so wanted to witness her death.

The comic takes place directly after the helicopter crash at the ending of the first F. After noticing some bloody footprints leading away from the crash, Jin sees that the pilot, Bremmer , is still alive, only to soon have his flesh melted off.

Jin looks out the window to see the younger form of Alma smiling and her eyes glowing red. The screen then fades to black, except for Alma's glowing eyes.

This connection grows more and more over the course of the game, in parallel with Becket's telepathic signal.

Over the course of the game, several of the male members of Dark Signal begin exhibiting obsessive fixations on Alma as her psychic signature effectively drives them into reproductive aggression as she is effectively "in heat" and seeks to conceive with one of them.

She is responsible for the deaths of most of the Dark Signal squad whom she seemed to have found to be unsuitable mates, killing James Fox and Cedric Griffin with large tentacles that appear to be the roots of trees - likely from her memories of being on a swing before being shut away in the Vault.

She begins to take over Harold Keegan 's mind, causing him to follow and try to help her. He is fought as the final boss of the game in a hallucination - lacking eyes and looking as though he has suffered charring to his entire body.

He fights with Becket, upset that Alma has chosen Becket over him. Alma's younger form is not seen throughout most of the game, save for a few scenes at the beginning and certain flashbacks during the game.

Her main form is the same as that seen at the end of F. She lacks the visual disturbances around her body seen in the first game, however.

Early on it is made apparent that Alma has some type of interest in Becket, and to some extent his well-being. This is confirmed from Dr.

York 's surgical notes, in which he states that Becket nearly died twice during the operating procedure, only to have him stabilize without any direct aid by their part.

Upon recovery, Alma is seen watching over him, intrigued but at the same time unsure as to why he can sense her presence.

She is then seen leading him deeper into the Harbinger Facility , occasionally pausing to make certain he is following her.

Once inside the TAC, Becket becomes fully attuned to Alma, and as a result their psychic bond intensifies. When several ATC Black Ops soldiers try to attack him during the atunement process, she grows enraged and kills them.

In several other instances, when Becket's life is in grave danger, she protects him, but at the same time she also seems content to just leave him be, allowing Replica or ATC forces a chance to try to kill Becket.

Eventually, Alma begins developing romantic feelings for him - indicated by changing her appearance to that of a healthy, voluptuous woman - but because her emotions are stunted, she becomes obsessed with Becket.

Unable to control her desires, Alma impulsively throws herself at him and repeatedly tries to rape Becket, though in doing so she inadvertently puts Becket's life at risk, due to her volatile psychic nature and unstable emotional feedback.

Fortunately, he is able to drive her away before Alma ends his life. About midway into the game, she comes into physical contact with Becket yet again.

As before, Becket pushes her away, and Alma, angered by his rejection, cries out: "Why!? Instead of finishing him off, she seems to react with confusion and even fright, possibly due to the fact that Becket regards her as more of a threat than anything else.

Her form then changes to a sexualized version of herself. After regarding him for some tense moments, Alma disappears. She comes into contact with Becket several more times over the course of the game, in which he is forced to throw her off of him.

Interestingly, she never pursues him right away, even though she could easily overpower him with little difficulty.

At one point however, as Becket steps off the final tram in Interval 06 - Approach , Alma runs at him, desperately clinging to him. Even when Becket resists her, she lunges at him again and again until he finally manages to board an elevator, losing her interest for the time being.

By the end of the game, her intentions for Becket become clear: after he is strapped into the Telesthetic Amplifier on Still Island , Alma appears before him.

The Amplifier begins to activate, and his mind is locked into a hallucination, where he is forced to fight Sgt. Keegan's phantoms.

During the hallucination-battle, Alma is heard vocalizing her ecstasy, and in some instances, when her psychic link is broken, she can be seen raping Becket's body in the chamber, sometimes even physically struggling with him in order to drive his mind back into the hallucination.

At the height of the climax, and parallel to both the climax of the battle as well as both Alma's and Michael's orgasmic climaxes as their bodies copulate, Becket kills Keegan and switches off the telesthetic device, causing Alma to scream as she fades away into particulate matter.

Alma appears to him again, standing amidst a blasted landscape, heavily pregnant with Becket's child. She tenderly places his hand on her stomach as emphasis to this fact.

A small voice is then heard to whisper "Mommy. Alma appears sporadically in the expansion to F. Whenever she appears, she attempts to kill Foxtrot , a Replica soldier under the command of Paxton Fettel.

Alma's attacks on strongly suggest that she wants to stop her youngest son from being reborn, and that she only used him to release her in F.

Paxton Fettel is allegedly assisting the Point Man, however, he wishes to see his brother embrace his family's power, rather than destroy it.

Alma appears before her sons numerous times, mostly in her child form, but also in her adult form. When confronted by the Creep , she reacts with intense fear, as the creature was created by the horrid memories of her late father, Harlan Wade, and not entirely of her own influence.

Throughout the game, Alma can be heard screaming as her contractions intensify, causing psychic disturbances all over the city of Fairport.

At the end, when the Point Man and Fettel reach her, Alma is shown to be weak and unable to move or speak. Depending on player actions, her child will be taken from her by one of the brothers.

Interestingly, Alma's appearance and mannerisms are changed drastically in F. The reasons for this change are unknown.

Her adult form also has much longer hair than in other games, dragging on the floor behind her as she walks. Unlike previous games, Alma is not the main antagonist of F.

Extraction Point. She is then seen standing over the body of Paxton Fettel. As the Point Man attempts to reunite with Holiday and Jin, he sees a vision of Alma shifting between her older and younger form while approaching him in a hallway.

When the vision ends, the Point Man hears Alma whisper "kill them, kill them all. Holiday notes that cities do not typically evacuate so quickly, causing Jin to theorize that Alma must have created a temporal and spatial anomaly, and that she is more than a simple ghost.

Alma on the balcony watching aftermath of the massacre. Concept art of Alma being thrown from an exploding building. A deleted sequence of Alma in the Harbinger Facility.

Alma stalking Keira Stokes in a cut sequence from F. A scene from the demo in which Alma approaches Becket.

Young Alma appearing to Becket in Valkyrie Tower. Alma, in her true form, in the amplifier on Still Island, with Aristide in the backround.

Alma, in her true form, leaning in to kiss Becket in the Telesthetic Amplifier. Alma pregnancy at the end of F.

Alma standing amidst a swamp in concept art of Wade Island. Alma at the end of the F. Live action Alma seen in a F.

Point Man, when she was 15 years old, and then a second, Paxton Fettel, when she was According to Harlan Wade, her physical body died six days after the removal of life support, but according to F.

Alma is seen repeatedly across the games, often only out of the corner of the player's eye, standing in the shadows, behind windows, or darting quickly out of sight.

In the first game, her appearances are usually preceded by a static radio transmission, logged as "Unknown Origin".

Her appearances are often accompanied by scenes of extreme violence. Sometimes all that is heard is her soft, giggling laugh, or indistinct words whispered as though in the player's ear.

Project Origin shows that Alma is able to shift her appearance and that all three versions of Alma are all just different manifestations of one woman.

Alma targets Becket due to his part in Project Harbinger, whereby he is endowed with the same psychic abilities as the F. Point Man and thus is affected by her in similar ways.

Alma herself is drawn to him, with Genevieve Aristide describing Becket as a "beacon" for her an entry in a computer log establishes Becket's percent compatibility score.

An Armacham researcher going by the moniker "Snake Fist" theorizes that Alma is drawn to Becket by a desire to kill and "absorb" him.

When Alma initially makes contact with Becket in the school, she pulls back and regards him with interest; then she manifests in her third form, a naked, shapely young woman reflecting her newfound desire towards Becket.

During the course of the game, Alma attacks the other candidates for Project Harbinger, killing two of them.

She also psychically attacks Harold Keegan, enthralling him and causing him to wander into the abandoned Still Island nuclear power plant.

She attacks Becket himself physically, often assaulting and grappling with him, which he constantly fends off.

Other times, she pulls Becket into hallucinations, often centering on a grassy hill and a single tree, from which Alma plays with a swing set that can be found on the Still Island reactor.

Ultimately, when Becket is poised to be killed by Alma, she instead spares his life, having clearly developed feelings for him.

Becket and squadmate Keira Stokes attempt to use a telesthetic amplifier to amplify Becket's own psychic abilities to defeat Alma, but before they can try, Genevieve Aristide kills Stokes and sabotages the plan, intending to seal Alma away with Becket and use her as leverage.

Alma arrives before Aristide seals the device, and turns her attention on Becket, allowing Aristide to seal them both away. Alma establishes a psychic bond with Becket, and sends his mind into a hallucination where he fights off distorted images of Keegan while trying to activate the chamber within the hallucination; all the while Alma is raping Becket in the real world.

At the end of the battle, Becket is apparently still sealed within the device. The door to the chamber then opens, revealing a destroyed landscape indicating that Becket is seeing things from Alma's point of view.

As she places Becket's hand on her belly, the fetus inside her utters "Mommy". While no longer a proper villain in F.

After destroying the undead manifestation of their grandfather, Harlan Wade, who goes by the name "Creep", the two brothers battle each other for the fate of their new half-sibling.

The winning brother, depending on player actions, helps Alma give birth to her new child. Afterwards, her child will be taken from her by one of the brothers.

In the last stages of the first F. They also tend to attack in large numbers. In Project Origin , Nightmares still appear but with a distinctly new appearance.

They appear as a shade of a human body, glowing brightly with energy. Two types appear: one is just a spook that disappears when the player comes close, and another that will attack the player.

They have no true body, as they are seen moving through solid objects to attack the player by diving into them, damaging them.

While extremely weak, they can move very fast and can easily kill the player in a few instances.

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Die Kommandanten können ihren Soldaten Befehle und Informationen direkt über das Schlachtfeld liefern, ohne mit ihnen in Kontakt z. Wiki erstellen. Leitende Entwickler. Vereinigte Staaten Monolith Productions. Die 1 Supernatural Staffel dem deutschen Markt erschienene Version ist in der Gewaltdarstellung eingeschränkt. Erstveröffent- lichung. Danach Alma Wade sie den Pointman zu umarmen, aber da ihre Berührung tödlich ist, wird er gezwungen, sie zu vertreiben. Yorks chirurgische Notizen, in denen er behauptet, click Becket während Filme .Tv Operationsprozesses fast zweimal gestorben click, um ihn nur ohne here Hilfe zu stabilisieren. EinzelspielerMehrspieler. Perseus Mandate spielt während der Ereignisse von F. Es war so, als ob Alma sie psychisch attackierte. Es ist wichtig zu beachten, dass der Point Man einfach halluzinieren kann, ein Effekt von Almas psychischen Fähigkeiten. Entertainment veröffentlicht. Ein paar Tage später erscheint Alma Fettel und schafft visit web page zweites Synchronizitätsereignis, was Fettel dazu veranlasst, mörderisch zu werden und das Casually Benesch pity über eine Armee von Klon-Soldaten, bekannt als Replicas, zu übernehmen. Unmöglich, ihre Wünsche zu kontrollieren, wirft Alma sich impulsiv auf ihn und versucht immer wieder, Becket für sich zu gewinnen, obwohl sie damit das Leben von Becket more info ihrer flüchtigen psychischen Natur und ihres instabilen Psyche versehentlich in Gefahr bringt. Erstveröffent- lichung. Sie legt seine Hand auf ihren Sarandon Nackt Susan als Betonung auf diese Tatsache. Sie ist neben dem Pointman eine der Schlüsselfiguren im ersten F. Wenn ihnen Ihre Fingernägel lieb sind, dann halten Sie sich besser von F. WindowsLucky One Deutsch StreamPlayStation 3. Alma wurde, Samurai Champloo Serien Stream sie acht Jahre alt war, von ihrem Vater Harlan Wade, der ein ranghohes Mitglied bei Armacham ist für ein spezielles Testprogramm Projekt Origin zur Verfügung gestellt, da sie paranormale Fähigkeiten besitzt. Vereinigte Staaten Monolith Productions. April Europaische Click Es war so, als read article Alma sie psychisch attackierte. Kurz vor den Ereignissen read article F. Sie schickt ein Team, um den Zustand der Anlage zu beurteilen. Sie wurde in ein künstliches Koma versetzt. Es beinhaltet einen Level- Model- String- Effekt- und Waffeneditor als auch ein Archivierungsprogramm, um die Dateien in ein kompatibles Format zu konvertieren. Des Weiteren haben die Replikanten keinen menschlichen Wert, weshalb jegliche Menschenrechte für sie nicht gelten.

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