Breaking New

Breaking New (curated with Rose Heelas)
May – June 2009
Five Hundred Dollars, London

A transitory review of  new work by eleven artists including: Charlotte Bracegirdle, Aliki Braine, Tessa Farmer, Becky Hunt, Mindy Lee, Clare Mitten, Michael Pybus, Nathaniel Rackowe, Rachel Shannon, Jonathan Trayte and Stephen Warrington.

Breaking New was the second exhibition at Five Hundred Dollars gallery and showcased new work by eleven artists including:

A large-scale architectural light sculpture

Altered reproductions of old master paintings

A monochrome installation of bunting, painting and plinths

A bronze cast sculpture smothered in gloss paint

A small sculptural installation of taxidermy animals

Large-scale paintings of creatures and totems

A photographic series from hole-punched negatives

A sound and drawing installation

Portrait paintings on psychedelic marbled surfaces

Grotesque, beautiful collage and painting

An evolving drawing and sculptural installation

It was a transitory review of artists whose works were brought together without an overarching thematic or conceptual delineation. Patterns of interest emerged throughout with associations of intricacy, intentions, parallel investigations, colour and media. Inclusively there was a sense of wonderment whether visible within the production processes, or in the presentation of unexpected correlations or conclusions.